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Career Options in ABA

The field of Applied Behaviour Analysis can provide a wide range of educational and professional opportunities from front line Behaviour Interventionists, to paraprofessionals, to Masters or Doctorate level Behaviour Analysts.

New Behaviour Interventionists should read this document to get the best professional development.HOW TO BE A SAVVY BI

Becoming a Behaviour Interventionist

Programs are developed by an ABA consultant and the BI delivers the programs to the child. There is usually a team of 3 to 5 BIs working with one child. All team members must deliver the programs in the same way. For this reason, there are usually or bi-weekly or monthly meetings to share delivery practices.

How to Get a Job as a BI

Join our moderated job board on Facebook. Families and consultants post jobs and you can apply directly to the person who is hiring. OR, you can post information about yourself and where you live and a family might reach out to you.

The advantage to finding a job on the ABA Therapists in BC group, is you are guaranteed to connect with teams with BCBA supervision. Working on a team with a quality consultant will kick start your career and open all the growth opportunities in this career.

What are the Career Options for a BI?

Once you have been trained with one child, you will be very much in demand by other families seeking Behaviour Interventionists (BIs). There is no shortage of hours of work.  While working as a BI, you pay is slightly above minimum wage, but the experience you gain will open up many doors to higher paying careers.  Even if you do not stay in the field of ABA, what you learn is applicable to many other professions, in particular teaching.

BIs can become lead BI, where they take more responsibility for overseeing the team and work closely with the parent and consultant. Pay for this can range from $20 – $30 per hour depending on experience.

1000 Hours or More on a Home Based Team

After gaining 1000 hours or more on a home based team, BIs can take courses to become qualified to work in the schools with ABA children. This can pay $25 per hour with benefits. Qualifications vary from district to district. Some districts will hire someone who has only the 1000 hours and no course work. Other districts require SETA (Special Education Teaching Assistant) training before they will hire you. In Surrey, you can be hired with 1000 hours under a qualified consultant, but you must commit to taking the Surrey College ABA Support Worker Course. Often, parents looking for someone to work with their child in the school system will advertise on ABA Therapists in BC or Craigslist.

Government Supported ABA Homes For Older Children

Another source of BI work is in Government supported ABA homes for older children or adults with ASD. The pay for working in these homes is similar to the pay for working in the school system.  When applying for a job in a residential home, make sure there is adequate support from a BCBA behaviour Consultant.

BIs with a Bachelor degree in Psychology or a related field may want to take their BCaBA course work and work as a behaviour consultant under the supervision of a BCBA.  Those with BCaBA can earn $40-$50 per hour depending on experience.

Masters Degree in Psychology or Education

The highest level of work in the ABA field is a Board Certified Behaviour Consultant. This requires a Masters degree in Psychology or Special Education where course work is completed for BACB status. Equally as important, a BCBA has been supervised by another well trained consultant for at least a year.

The better your supervision, the more in demand you will be. See ABA Consumer Guidelines for more information on how to make sure you are with a quality consultant.

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What Are Parents Looking For?

Would You Make a Good BI?

Experience with children is an asset. This can include babysitting, helping children in school, working for day camps or being an instructor of some kind (swimming, skating, piano etc). The ability to multi-task is essential.

It is not necessary to have experience with disabled children, as being a BI is very different than most experiences you would have in disability activities anyway.

The work of a Behaviour Interventionist is not a job, but a passion.

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